Green Care for Troops & The Brickman Group

Dear Brickman Group,

I can once again feel pride in the gardens & landscaping around my home. I was thrilled when “Green Care for Troops” called me a month ago to say that the manager of our local Brickman Group had been in contact with them. He wanted to help a family in the area who had a deployed-family member. We were chosen.

I wouldn’t say my husband, currently deployed with the Army, is the primary green-thumb in our family. I even do most of the mowing when he IS home. There are other things though that he is in charge of to keep this family of five running smoothly. Those things (both major and small) have all fallen onto my plate since he has been gone. The gardens and trees around my home had all sadly-fallen to the way-side this spring and summer.

Today my gardens are weeded, dead flowers are cut, landscaping is ‘trenched’ and the trees are all trimmed, not to forget the two old decorative pines that have been removed. My home smiles brightly today. My heart has been cheered.

Thank you. A company that supports the troops like this climbs to the top of my approval ratings!


Leanne Kocsis (of, September 15, 2008Military Life:,,

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