A Time for All Seasons

Last night we canned peaches! We had worked pretty hard all day on the site, printed and sent MilitaryAvenue brochures to Ft Campbell for a MSCCN meeting on Friday, approved a large group of new partners and updated ads with some wonderful MilitaryRewards. Overall a very successful day!

But the evening started with a half bushel of peaches staring back at us with a “I need to be canned tonight look”. They were fresh, ripe and ready to go! The time was right and the preparations were in place (we had the jars, lids, pressure cooker and the little manual giving us the help we needed) so we got started.

Isn’t that kind of like military life? We can be so busy and work so hard and then the time for a PCS arrives! There is not a good time but we have the tools, the guidance and the need is there. ( We hope you are using the assistance of our MilitaryAvenue information to make it easier as well.) After arrival and settling into the new house and schools many spouses start looking for a job in their new locale! Many are prepared for this transition and some get started a bit late based on priorities and time constraints but we have a new partner on the site that can help you!

We are excited about how they can help you and if you are in transition or just settling in and a military spouse looking for a job check out what they offer!

Back to those peaches! Well we were tired but Deb did most of the work after I washed and cleaned up the dishes, the new jars and lids etc. (I also harvested a few green beans too while she prepared the peaches). After two loads in the pressure cooker were run we had 20 new pints of peaches for winter time! The season had arrived and we were done after some successful teamwork. We would enjoy the fresh peaches later much as a military family will enjoy their new location, home, job and friends following all their hard work during a PCS.

Thank you for all that you do to protect this wonderful country in which we live with its many freedoms and blessings!
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