What Fun!

As a military family we found ourselves in many different parts of the world! Adapting to the environment we were in was always a challenge we took on with an almost eager glee! What can we do here that we couldn’t in the last place?

We went “spranging” in Iceland, rode the transcontinental railroad in Panama and went to a secluded beach after a walk through the jungle, snow skied in New Mexico, hiked Mt Rainier in Washington, rode the surf in Florida, built an igloo in Illinois during a major blizzard and a host of other family events that were just fun and helped us enjoy the transitions in each new and different place.

After retirement we found a place with some land to continue our “playing” and two nights ago our youngest and his family dropped in with a surprise for all! James had found a deal on a four wheel ATV and brought it down to be shared by all on the land! What fun! We will pull tubers in the winter on it and ride it in the mud in the spring! What a new way to find relaxation and fun together!

I think military families are very innovative and have a glue that many others do not have. We have overcome the rigors of multiple relocations, new schools, new friends, new neighborhoods and still stick together.

On occassion I do need a reminder that Deb and I are qualified for a senior citizen coffee at Macs but that doesn’t seem to slow us down too much! A word of caution, this machine is a bit tail heavy (I can’t stay away from that aviation language) and does tend to stand up with the front tires in the air when the two seniors took it for our first ride. No serious injuries but what the heck our grandkids will have a great story some day! Yeah, I can hear it now, do you remember when Grandpa dumped Grandma and himself off the 4 wheel going up a hill!

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