A Case of the Cruds

Well the Kocsis Household is officially under the weather.

Somehow I was the first to get it. Usually it is the children that bring the ‘bugs’ to me. But Friday night I started feeling blecky. I was at the in-laws for a family dinner and they seemed to notice it before me. (I had a little less tolerance for the fact that my children were being … children.)

Saturday morning I awoke feeling like a train had rolled over me but what is a mom to do when her oldest is scheduled to referee some soccer games 30 minutes away and her middle child has his last soccer game of the season. So “Up and At ‘Em”. As we were getting in the car my blessed mother-in-law called to ask how she could help me today. I asked how she knew I needed help and she said she just had this hunch. So after dropping *J* off at his games I dropped the boys off at her house & she took care of them the rest of the day (including getting *E* to his soccer game).

When they came home I still wasn’t feeling great but I probably would have been a whole lot worse if I hadn’t been given the break that I needed.

So I got up this morning to get the kids off to school and I could hear this horrendous cough coming from the boys’ room. Both of the younger boys were incredibly congested and sounded like I did Saturday morning. So after *J* (still healthy!) was off to school we ran to the store and got a conglomerate of cold-supplies. Today is officially a “Get Healthy” day.

They each have a water bottle full of water that they need to finish before lunch. (I’m sure there will be a little bit of prodding along the way!) Nothing like flushing the germs out of the body the natural way. The store was out of vapor bath, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop us from taking baths when we got home. I made the water a *touch* warmer then usual and we all hung out in the bathroom as the other bathed. The room was nice and steamy and felt great on the lungs!

At some point today I will change the sheets on the beds & wash those germs right down the drain. Ah yes – germs be gone!

I’m still not ‘sold’ on the concept of not giving my little-ones over the counter medications (Kids’ Cold Medicines: New Guidelines). Call it mother’s intuition … but sinus-infections are prevelant amongst my family. The thought of not-treating a stuffy nose before it gets that bad is foreign to me. (And my 3- and 6- year older just have not refined the art of blowing their nose, yet!)

WebMD has some great articles about cold home-remedies and other related tips:

And don’t forget that flu season is just around the corner. We don’t have flu shots available yet in our area but come November we will be the first in line! 🙂

So I raise my water-bottle this morning and offer a toast to getting healthy! Tomorrow I just know we will be back to being ourselves sans stuffy nose, coughs and cruds.

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