A Friend in a Time of Need

This last week I exchanged some emails with a MilitaryAvenue Partner who had been helping a military family with their mortgage issues. He related the following information and story to me about a military family that he was able help.

The military member will soon be enroute to Afghanistan and had a mortgage with an adjustable rate which can be controlled by the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. The costs of their mortgage like many American families had escalated to the point of being beyond their means.

The partner worked a loan modification and during the process found a retired Navy SEAL at the mortgage servicer who expedited the paperwork and helped with the reduced rate approval process! This kind of connection is what we like to see from our MilitaryAvenue partners and their willingness to assist our community during this time of war. Wow! A family in need helped by a military friendly business and two vets!

If you know of any similar stories please send them to us and if you live in the Travis AFB, CA area please look up Paul Walton at Cherry Creek Mortgage Company and say thank you for caring! You can see Paul’s ad on MilitaryAvenue and he has some great pictures of an airdrop in progress too!
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