What is killing our young Marines?

This is startling: "Motorcycle accidents have killed more Marines in the past 12 months than enemy fire in Iraq, a rate that's so alarming it has prompted top brass to call a meeting to address the issue, officials say." (Source: CNN.com)

I realize we are coming out of 'motorcycle' season here in the northern parts of the US but the reminder is still relevant. Ladies and Gentleman ... put on those helmets; take your training courses; and don't forget your other protective gear.

My hubby's Uncle Stan is a prime reminder of how important it is to wear that gear. Stan was 40, had a girlfriend, and was enjoying life! He was a carpenter; enjoyed hanging out with his buds; and his prized posession was his Harley. Nothing bad was going to happen to him, he was invincible. He didn't need a helmet (not legally required in Ohio). He liked the wind in his hair (or what he had at 40 years old).

He was coming home later one night with the girlfriend on the back of the bike. He rolled through the stop-sign. He didn't see the pick-up truck that also didn't stop. His life changed forever in that moment.

It has been almost two years and Stan is confined to a wheelchair, a feeding tube and is back in the care of his 80 year-old mother. His sisters take turns helping him shower, take him to "swim-lessons", and occasionally changing his bed-sheets.

If you are 18 or 80 (or anywhere in between) you are NOT invincible. Your loved ones love you; they don't want to bury you or have to change your adult-sized diaper.

And just in case you weren't sure how serious the military takes your safety... here is just a sample of the articles that the DoD has written:

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. Wow! Great message. I lost a wonderful brother in a motorcycle accident who also was a Marine! Matt had just finished boot camp and had joined the Marine Reserves right out of high school!

    He moved to a new town for employment and on a beautiful fall day much like today he was giving new friends in the neighborhood rides on his cycle. He did have one helmet but gave it to his passenger(s).

    During his trips in the neighborhood he took an unfamiliar street and missed a stop sign almost totally blocked by a tree. He and his passenger were ejected from the cycle after impact with a car.

    Matt lived for a few hours and gave his healthy organs to many needy folks as the doctors explained how severe his head injuries were to my parents.

    We all gathered from around the country to mourn and cry together as families do in these situations. We still miss him at family gatherings and the promise he had as a young person never seen.

    PS: The rider with the helmet had minor injuries and was home quickly!


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