The YMCA is serving our deployed military-families

Yesterday while my oldest two were at school and my youngest was at the babysitter I made our way to our local YMCA. I was very excited to read that many YMCAs were giving free memberships to deployed families (about a $700 yearly-value for my family of five).

Two weeks ago I contacted the Y here in Ohio to be sure they were participating and 'JACKPOT!' they were. I told them I would be in ASAP to fill out the paperwork and wouldn't you know life happened! (Sinus infections, impetigo, and a knee that needs physical therapy ... all in two weeks for my boys.) My ASAP took a little longer than expected and Shawn, the director of membership, called me twice to make sure everything was ok. How nice of him to take the time to call. I really felt cared about!

So now they boys are signed up for swim-lessons this fall (yay for indoor pools!) and I hope to find a stress-relieving class for myself in the near-future like light aerobics or yoga. They offer child-care, even, while mom is working out. :)

If you have a local Y find out if they are participating: "Family-Support Program Expands; DoD, YMCA Strengthen Partnership". Of course we are missing Hubby more than anyone can imagine, but it is wonderful to be able to use the benefits we are given while he is gone serving our country!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Thank you for sharing this information! The YMCA facilities are in a lot of communities where Reserve and Guard folks live so it will help them as well as the active duty families. I am glad to see that the YMCA and DoD are strengthening their partnership!

    Signing up for some classes is a great way to make the time go by and keep your family having fun too!

    Great blog and we appreciate how you are helping the military families!

  2. Cudos to the YMCA... and to you too for taking advantage of this benefit!

  3. This is really rock solid info


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