You have Questions?! We have Answers!

There is much excitement around the MilitaryAvenue office! We have just recently launched MilitaryAvenue Answers.

The military community is a community of problem-solvers. We have questions! Of course we do when we…

  • Enter new worlds, new lands, new territories;
  • Run across problems that mom or dad can’t help us with;
  • Know no-one that has been in our shoes…
    … well except for the other US military families around the globe! That is where MilitaryAvenue Answers comes into the picture:

  • Inquire about the installation you have orders to;
  • Wonder what resources are available to your family while your loved one is deployed;
  • Find out where the best local-pizza shop is for your next TDY / TAD

… the ideas are endless and the potential is amazing! We, the military members & families, are a wonderful, active, helpful community! Let’s ask Questions and get some Answers!

– Leanne from

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