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In case you missed the live interview on Army Wife Talk Radio you can still tune-in: Army Wife Talk Radio - November 17

It was an exciting show and I was honored to be asked back to talk to the Army wives out there in cyberspace! The show started with June Wahlberg of USAA. June, Star and Tara talked about ideas to cut back on Christmas Spending this year. Something that is pertinent in today's volatile economy.

Homemade gifts seemed to be a big hit. Even something as 'simple' as from the kitchen; homemade pesto sauce, a plate of cookies, a collection of your favorite recipes. You don't need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on extended family and neighbors just get creative! I'll keep that in mind as I think about a fun little gift for my brothers and sisters-in-laws.

Star and I talked at about the 78 minute mark in the interview. I was very excited to share what is new on MilitaryAvenue. Highlights include:

Additionally, we talked about our blog: Col K's interview with Mike Kelly from USAA was featured on USAA.com and Star and I both praised the wonderful support that they have given the military families, including mine!

Again a big "Thank you" to AWTR! Take a moment to listen. They are on live every Monday night but you can always checkout the 'taped' version at any point in the week when it is a convenient time for you.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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  1. Loved the show, and loved the chat room that was going on simultaneously. I read some of the funniest ideas for tee shirts and bumper magnets! What a great group of supportive folk!


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