A Minute Out of the Norm: Christmas Craft Idea for the kids

I struggle with Christmas ideas for my deployed husband. The deadline for getting packages in the mail is quickly approaching and I know I need to get everything wrapped up and mailed. But it is hard to wrap ‘nothing’. Hubby says that he doesn’t need anything. Hubby tends to get his boxers in a tizzy if I spend too much money. [He’s the financial conservative in the family… I’m all about keeping the economy going ;)] So when Hubby says he doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want me to spend money … makes it hard to send a Christmas package.

So I was walking the crafts section of our local WalMart trying to think of something our boys could make for him and I came across sand, colorful-bags of different colored sand. And the idea-light turned on! Then we walked over to the ‘cheap vase’ department. I picked up 5 bags of colorful-sand for $5 and then the boys each picked out a 98 cent vase. I also picked up a bag of decorative rocks for good measure.

We came home and I found two funnels while the boys got situated at the counter. The three-year older needed a little more help than the six- year older. *C* would have been content to dump a whole bag of sand into a vase; but once I got helping him and showing him how different colors looked he really got into it. They especially seemed to enjoy throwing a rock in at opportune times. When they were all done I dripped a very thick layer of blue wax from a candle over the top to seal it. (I had the boys leave a lip of about 1/2 inch between the sand and the top of the vase.)

It is a bit ironic that we are sending sand over to my husband, no matter how colorful. As I understand it though the sand in Iraq is *really* gross, ie germ infested. So I hope he can look at his sons’ colorful creations and be reminded that life is so much better & brighter on the other side of the ocean with his family! (Although, I know he doesn’t need that reminder.)

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PS: This would also be a great gift-idea for grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles if you are looking for an inexpensive gift. They look really pretty on a shelf and are a great reminder of their little-loved one.byLeanneonSunday, November 23, 2008Military Life:,,,

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