Swim Lessons

We had our VERY first swim-lessons on Saturday. I was taking advantage of our new YMCA membership & wanted to get my water-loving, but non-swimming boys enrolled in swim lessons. *E*, 6 years-old was very excited. *C*, 3 years-old was a little timid but a little excited because big-brother was excited.

Once we were to the Y *C* declared right-away he was “not going in the big-pool”. Sigh… I was glad that *E*’s lessons started 15 minutes before his, in hopes he would see his brother in the pool and get over his fear of non-baby size pools.

They called *E*’s class to the pool. There were three boys, the other two looked about two or three years older than *E*. Once they were in the pool the other two were swimming like fish. This mom was immediately nervous! Had I signed him up for the right class?! But *E* still had a HUGE smile on his face and was roaring to go. He did a few laps on a board with his new teacher and was all smiles.

Then *C*’s class was called. He very hesitantly walked with his class … got to the pool side and literally started SCREAMING! Oh Man. There were four kids in *C*’s class and once *C* started crying so did the other boy. They pulled *C* right into the water and started bouncing him and getting him used to it – mean while he was still SCREAMING. (But yes the teachers’ persistence did pay off!)

At some point though *E* must have decided he was invincible and tried swimming like the bigger boys. I missed it completely, probably paying attention to my SCREAMING son. So now *E* traumatized from inhaling enough water to sink a boat was really crying.

The ironic thing was towards the end of our 45 minute lessons *C* was only SCREAMING when he had to sit on the edge of the pool while another child was with the teacher in the water. When he was in the water he was a-ok. I don’t think he was upset that he had to sit out … but more-so that he had time to think about the fact that he was upset. (I think this reflects my thoughts about this deployment… just don’t give me time to think about it!)

*E* has declared he HATES swim lessons. *C* said he wants to go back next week. Sigh…

We will go back next week. I’m building character, right?! Sometimes moms just need reassurance they are doing the right thing. But I just know that by the end of the eight-week lessons they will be like two little fish. Please tell me I’m not having to drag one child out of the house every Saturday!!

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