Veterans’ Day in the Classroom

A few weeks ago I ran across the Veterans’ Day Resource for Teachers and it really started me thinking. My husband is in the Army National Guard and we aren’t particularly close to any military installation or any large-military population. I wasn’t sure if they would talk at all about Veterans’ Day in my son’s kindergarten classroom. Yet, it seemed appropriate and relevant to me!

So I took the time to send a note to our principal explaining that my family had a history of veterans and that one of her own students’ fathers (my husband!) was serving overseas for our US Army. I included the link to the guide from the Veteran Affairs Dept and just asked her to consider disseminating the information to her teachers.

A week later I was on a field trip with the class and *E*’s teacher told me that the principal had forwarded my email in its entirety on to all of the teachers in the school. Wow. I didn’t expect that for some reason. [I know I asked for it … but it sure is nice to get what you ask for :)]

The best part though was today, Veterans’ Day: I went into *E*’s classroom and read ‘Night Catch’ (Highly recommended for any family facing a deployment) and brought in our Flat Daddy. I was there for about 15 minutes and talked to the kids about how important our soldiers & other service-members are to us. I had them raise their hand if they had a grandpa, grandma, aunt or uncle in the military & asked each of them to call their military-related loved one tonight and say “Thank You”. My goal was to plant a seed; and as moms and dads, neighbors and community members sometimes that is the best thing that we can do!

To all of our military-veteran readers Happy Veteran’s Day to you – Thank you for your honor and dedication in such a sacrificial profession! I pray we have generations to follow that hold the same values.

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