What are your Holiday Traditions?

The Holidays are upon us! There is a chill in the air, the leaves have fallen from the trees and for those of us a bit north we have already seen our first snow. What comes to my mind this time of year but "Traditions".

What are your favorite Holiday Traditions? What are some new traditions that you have made in light of being a military-family? What are some traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation?

Enjoy the comments we have already & then add your own. Then come back again and see what others have added.

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  1. I love Christmas is my favorite, I am hispanic FROM PUERTO RICO, I love to cook the pork shoulder boneless in the oven, make rice with Green pigeon peas, Potato salad, Bread, Pasteles, Coconut flan, chessecake and get all family aND FRIENDS TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE OUR BABY JESUS BIRTHDAY. ALSO CELEBRATE THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTMAS. WE LIKE CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND DANCE, NOT SO MUCH THIS YEAR MY HUBBY WILL BE AWAY UNTIL SEPTEMBER NEXT YEAR IN AFGANISTAN.

  2. Hello,

    My husband and I give an ornament to each other every year which symbolizes the year for us. We choose our theme sometime in October or November and give the ornament to one another on Christmas Eve.

  3. After dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas we always had time for a walk or other outdoor activity to make room for dessert. We had the dishes done and everything straightened up and we would go outside to get some fresh air. In Iceland the tradition was challenged by the weather but one time we had a beautiful snowfall that we really enjoyed. The snow was actually coming down versus sideways as it normally did there! It is just a great memory of family times together!

  4. On a few occasions, when we went to visit our individual families. we also took a Samaratin's Purse catalog (or other organization) and had the grandchildren choose one thing they wanted to do for a family oversees----like send chickens, garden seeds, a goat, a sheep, a pig, food, soccer balls, clothing articles, etc. We sent the gift in their name.

    Also, when our children were little, we had a Kid's Gift Exchange on Christmas Eve. They would either have a homemade gift or chose something of their own to give to a brother for Christmas. It was hilarious and took the edge off waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.

  5. My favorite tradition is watching "White Christmas" with my daughter. On Thanksgiving weekend we decorate the house and then sit down to watch the movie with our favorite spicy thin cookies and a pot of hot tea.

    Another favorite tradition is attending Christmas tea with my mom. She and two friends have been meeting for tea every December for years - since they moved away from each other and wanted a way to stay in touch. Somewhere along the line they invited their daughters to attend. At first we had a good time, but really didn't know each other. Then we went on a four-day trip to New York and really bonded. Now Christmas tea is one of the highlights of my year and I can't wait to get back together with this group of friends who I only see one time a year.

  6. Making a gingerbread house & then eating chunks of it on Christmas day with our hot chocolate; special danishes for breakfast Christmas morning; making all the kids wait until the grownups are up and have their coffee Christmas morning. Sad Christmas? - no problem -- put little nips in everyone's stocking & share them around Christmas morning (especially if you got a good one like Godiva liquor or Kahlua) (we've done this every year since Grandpa died). Reapportioning presents Christmas eve so that an unexpected guest will have a nice pile to open on Christmas morning. Everyone developing a signature dish for Christmas dinner (my older brother - mashed potatoes; me - pumpkin pie; my younger brother - hiding/napping under the dining room table to avoid doing any work).

    Funny Christmas memory - the year my brother did his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve late at night at the local gas station... I'm guessing he was old enough to drive but didn't have a job. Oh boy ice scrapers & windshield wipers for Christmas! I should probably check with him to make sure I'm remembering that correctly....

  7. One is that I brought home the Christmas story dress-up clothes from church and let the little kids dress up in them and share some part of the Christmas story.

    Another is that, during Christmas week we go to each of our kids' homes (within a reasonable radias) and have a gift exchange with each family. On Christmas we just have dinner and enjoy each other.

    A Christmas idea is to give a jar of honey to each family with the verse in Proverbs 24:13 (preferrably Living translation) attached. Then challenge everyone to read through Proverbs each month all year. Read the Proverb for that day of the month. The whole family would be reading the same Proverb.

  8. I'm not sure how unique this tradition is, and will probably apply to just our own family.

    My Mother's birthday was on Christmas day, so we always had two birthday cakes. One for baby Jesus and one for "Grandma" So we sang two birthday songs. One for Mom and one for Jesus. One of the grandkids read the Christmas story from the Bible for us. Those were sweet memories. My Mother was alone, so she always came to our house on Christmas eve and stayed all night. The kids would draw names to see who Grandma would sleep with. She has been gone 18 years and the memories are still so vivid. It behooves us all to make sweet memories for those who come behind us.

  9. Every year Santa brought the three kids a book and placed it in our stocking. We were allowed to get up before Mom & Dad and open up our stocking and read out book. We would get up what seemed like *hours* before our parents just so we could get the next book in our favorite series, or perhaps to start a new series!

    I have enjoyed carrying on that tradition with my own children!

  10. I would traditionally fall asleep beneath the Christmas tree while my parents and sister put the tree up and decorated it. Needless to say my laying beneath the tree didn't help decorate it. My brother would often sleep under the tree as well.

  11. Oh how I love to stretch out Chrismas as much as I can... so do my siblings. Therefore, we created Christmas Eve's Eve. I know the wad of money will already be spent... but we all head out to the same store and spend as LITTLE as we can on each other - and try to make the gift the point of embarrasment about something that happened during the year. If someone had a fender bender... a hot wheels car with a bandaid would be the perfect gift... lest we forget! ha ha

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