Happy New Year

Wow is it really almost 2009? We had a *wonderful* Christmas season with a trip up to my parents’ house for a week. Santa Claus visited us in Michigan, as opposed to at our home in Ohio, and our transportation to my parents became a miniature sleigh as I jammed all of the gifts ready to be opened (in plastic tubs undetected by little children), along with snow paraphernalia (including a sled), a video-system and DVDs (only used for out-of-state trips), two booster seats, toys to play with while we anticipated Christmas’ arrival, plus a supply of clothes for our 7 day excursion. To say the car was full was an understatement!

Making Apple Pie at my mom'sBut we made it! And we had a blast. Family can be stressful when we get brothers and sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nephews, (no nieces in my family yet), and parents all in the same house. This past Christmas was an exception to our rule. Possibly we are all getting older? and realize we can’t have everything our way and we are learning to compromise and to blend. It was wonderful.

Of course, I MAJORLY missed my husband off in Iraq. My father pulled me close at one point in the week and told me how very fortunate he was that he never missed a Christmas with his wife and children in his 30-years with the Air Force. That is amazing! He missed a birth, birthdays, and other family occasions while off flying the Air Force skies; but no Christmases.

Paul has never missed a birth and never anything major (even as small as a birthday) up until this deployment. So it is taking me a *wee bit* of adjustment. He’ll be home for R&R fairly soon. In fact, we stepped in the door, unloaded the car (all stacked in the kitchen) and first thing I tackled? – Putting Christmas decorations away. Christmas is DONE I’m ready for the next major celebration! HUBBY’S coming home (even for “only” a couple of weeks, I’ll take it). I think I’m just going to sleep through New Years in hopes it will bring him home that much faster.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! As a reminder be safe over this New Years Holiday; stay off of the roads if you can, especially if you are drinking!

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