New Years Resolutions

I'll admit... I have never set New Year's Resolutions. Maybe because I am afraid of failure. Maybe I have a hard time with the thought of limiting myself to improvement at only the beginning of the year. I think it is because of some reason in between there.

I recently read an article with some New Year's Resolutions from TRICARE: "New Year: Time to Commit to Old Resolutions" It includes ways that TRICARE can help you from smoking to stress to eating right. I think it is a concise way for you to think about how you can commit to a New Years Resolution and stick to it.

My resolution (Yes, I think I will make one this year!) is to get organized. With a *potential* PCS this year I realize we have a long way to go before this house can be packed up and household goods shipped. My children are getting older and toys can be purged, especially after the Christmas goods Santa, grandmas & grandpas, aunts & uncles bestowed upon them. Shoes & clothes I haven't worn for at least a year can probable be given to Goodwill. If I start NOW our house will feel *so much lighter* by the summer & a chunk of stress will be reduced.

So I will work one room at a time. 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room & the abysmal basement. It will take me months. But as I finish a room I can celebrate... before I move on to the next room on my list.

What can you do to make yourself feel a bit better about yourself? It doesn't have to be considered a 'new years resolution' if those three words rip fear in your bones (like me!). Just think of it as a way of putting yourself first (for once!)

Happy New Year!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


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