The Joy of a (Free) Book!

I am not an *avid* reader but I do enjoy having a non-fiction book on my night-stand. Right now I am reading “Boy-sterous Living: Celebrating Your Loud and Rowdy Life with Sons” by Jean Blackmer and I’m loving it. But there is no pressure. I can read a chapter whenever I feel like it. Occasionally, I will pick up a fiction book for my own pleasure. I know that it will take me a month to read and I hate the unknown (… like what happens in the next chapter). So it takes a certain mood for me to decide to read a fiction book (Or a high recommendation from friends).

I think my problem is I’m slow. I want to take in EVERY word. I read a paragraph two or three times to be sure I *get it*, to make sure I’m not missing anything. My husband will pick up a NOVEL and finish it in two days. Of course it’s all he has done for two-days, but he also *flies* through it. When it comes to reading, we are absolute opposites.

So recently a friend pointed out that MilitaryOneSource was giving away free books! You should check it out… After you log-in (available for all Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve families) select ‘Libraries’ on the left hand column, under News & Community. I ordered one “Play-Away Book”, The Red Kite. I also ordered three non-fiction paperback books, one on home improvement, one recipe book & a book on buying or selling your home. They had a huge selection of employment type books, too. Plus of course lots of military lifestyle books; and much more! What was the charge?! $0! Wow. It feels good to be an Army Spouse :).

As long as we are talking about books: If you have a spouse deployed overseas be sure they check into the “United Through Reading” program at their MWR. My husband has had the opportunity to send us three or four DVDs with him reading a book to the boys. What a treasure! When the boys are in the mood to have Dad read their good-night books (a night time routine for us) we bring up my laptop and sit on their bedroom floor. They turn the page of the book as Dad reads along on the DVD. It is a wonderful break for me (the non-reader!) and an opportunity for them to hear Dad’s voice.

Happy Reading!
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