The Military Community Celebrations!

The military community understands that celebrations are important to morale and finds frequent ways to do just that: CELEBRATE!

This Sunday the troops overseas will see the Super Bowl live in many cases and those in combat zones will even get two beers! Many units in the US will celebrate together as well! What fun for everyone as units and friends socialize and get to watch the game and cheer on the Steelers (or that other team in the game)! 🙂

But what else do we celebrate? Think promotions! New babies! New arrivals to a unit and saying goodbye to friends and unit members who are getting ready to PCS. Retirements and change of commands also bring the units together to celebrate! I remember the holidays around Christmas and New Years and how many unit parties we attended. One year it was over 20! Each one was a great event and showed a lot of unit pride too! We recognize our heroes with medals, NCO of the Quarter/Year, etc. What a great feeling it is to return from overseas and see the installation, parking ramp, dock, armory, etc., lined with family members waiting for their loved ones!

After retiring from the Air Force I worked for a civilian company for a couple of years and they had no similar programs. They even had a hard time getting folks together for a holiday party! The military esprit just was not there.

Why the picture? Another traditional celebration at the end of a career with a fini flight. My last flight, landing and taxi in ended with my wonderful military spouse parking the jet for the last time. She did a great job but needed a bit of help with the marshaling signals.

Have a great Super Bowl and keep up those traditions; they are important to our units morale! Have a great unit tradition? Share it with everyone by commenting!byColonel KonThursday, January 29, 2009Military Life:,,,,

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