Our Strength in Our Families

We need all types of support to function as an individual, family and society. We found that the military community supported us but we were very independent and tough too. One way we helped each other was to point out that strength and realize how much we supported each other and how important it was.

Here are the lyrics to an Amy Grant song, “Oh, How the Years Go By” that says it all for our family! We had many memories of long deployments, great times, ball games, absences, long distance contacts, frustrations, anger, laughter, sadness and many other emotions. We remember driving thousands and thousands of miles to be with family. One year we PCS’d at the beginning of a New Year and as a Christmas gift our daughter made a tape to play in the car as we headed west leaving her alone in the Midwest. Yep it tore out the old heartstrings but it made us proud as well! Family can be the cornerstone of support but we also need to realize that there is support outside the family when needed!

In our times of trouble
We only had ourselves
Nobody else
No one there to save us
We had to save ourselves

And when the storms came through
They found me and you
Back to back together
And when the sun would shine
It was yours and mine
Yours and mine forever

And oh how the years go by
And oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes the soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry
As the years go by

There were times we stumbled
They thought they had us down
But we came around
How we rolled and rambled
We got lost and we got found
Now were back on solid ground

We took everything
All our times would bring
In this world of dangers
cause when your heart is strong
You know youre not alone
In this world of strangers

And if we lose our way
Any night or day
Well well always be
Where we should be
Im there for you
And I know youre there for mebyColonel Kon
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