Perfect Baby Shower

There are so many reasons to share some smiles, and great conversations. Besides getting together for coffees, squadron luncheons, spouse club meetings, there are babies… and the promise of more babies! With the announcement of a new family member – be that squadron family, battalion family or fleet family, somewhere on the calendar is the excitement of a baby shower. A great baby shower at that! And if you are in charge of this gala, make it sparkle!

No need for this to be the ordinary, ho hum typical gathering with streamers and a bakery cake. Oh no! Girls just wanna have fun! So, let this star be born! Hang the silver stars, roll out the red carpet, spread the table with festive food and toast this newborn with a clink of a champagne glass! A STAR IS BORN! The twinkle in the eye of every family member and a miracle made to hold.

The menu can be light and stellar. Champagne punch in a pretty bowl will compliment a star shaped shower cake. Or no star shaped pan? Make cupcakes with stars on the frosting; no need to cut the cake or wonder how many this dessert will serve! The numbers are simple. A fruit plate with cheeses, a bowl of mixed salted or honey flavored nuts are always a hit.

With the gathering comes the ice breaker: a good game. Since this little starlet will be taking center stage, play the Stage Mom game. Preparations are pretty simple, and the game will have people talking. On a poster board before the party starts, find and paste pictures from magazines, or print off of the web pictures of famous TV and movie Moms. Number the pictures 1 to 10(or however many you find). Find out the following facts about each ‘Mom’: character name, TV show or Movie that put them in the spotlight, child name from show and the real name of the star. Have everyone pair up in 2’s and 3’s so that they can confer and come up with some trivia information. Have paper and pens for all to write down their guesses. After an allotted time, read off answers, see who knows their stars! Prizes can be baby related: lotion, baby shampoo, bibs or a picture frame. If recipient does not have a young one, they can give the token to your honoree Mom.

With every star there is the paparazzi… snapping of pictures. Take plenty of the event. Your new Mom will appreciate reliving the day when she receives the pictures as they will help her share this fun with folks far away and with those who attended. With her consent, post them on Facebook or Myspace. It isn’t every day that a star is in your presence. Enjoy this party and have fun.

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