The Best Kind of Valentines

*Hubby* is home. Forgive me being AWOL this week it has been a little crazy. He is here in my arms for about two-weeks and then has to go back to his ‘home-away-from-home’. But I am loving every minute of having him here.

I think my emotions are starting to come out of *ping* mode. I cried on and off the first 24-hours he was home, not because I was sad in any way, shape, or form; but because I was just tight as a ball, emotionally. It is the tears that can help me unwind. Hubby understands that. He is so good about understanding that.

We’ve had “discussions”, healthy discussions about ‘closet creep’ (ok, he did lose half a shelf in the closet to my ‘stuff’); and stacks of paid (but not filed) bills on his desk. He understands he has been gone for way too long and that things are going to shift and not be put back exactly as he would have done it. I recognize that he is allowed to be a little bit frustrated over it but that he has to expect it. It has been a very very good week, even in times of light-turmoil.

We have spent a night in a hotel; an evening at a favorite restaurant as a couple; time at the zoo with our youngest; time as a family around the dinner-table; Hubby volunteered in our kindergartner’s school for the day; tomorrow we will take in a wrestling-tournament for our oldest; swim lessons for our youngest two; a homemade meal prepared by my favorite Valentine tomorrow night. Life is happening! And I am SMILING the biggest smile.

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