MilitaryAvenue Help for the Military Community while Selling or Renting their Home during this next PCS Season

The next PCS season is quickly upon us and many military families and personnel already have orders for a move this summer. We relocated 18 times and know well that feeling of excitement for a new spot/job! But then the challenges and stresses start arriving. The top one usually has to do with either housing or spouse employment.

Many military families sell or rent their own homes through For Sale By Owner or military to military rentals. We have two categories on MilitaryAvenue just for those type of transactions. If a military family is going to do a FSBO sale or rent their own home, MilitaryAvenue will provide a free First Class Package ad for active duty personnel. This includes one image of their residence and would allow increased military to military sales and rentals.

So, please pass on to your friends or get your own ad on the site by going to Advertise with Us and place one free First Class Listing at your installation in the Real Estate For Sale By Owner or House Rental category. When you are done with your ad, go to checkout and enter the Discount Code of ActiveDuty and it will credit you with $60. If you prefer a higher package such as a General’s Package with 6 images, this code will also provide a discount for the higher cost package.

Please, no realtor ads in these categories. This is a special offer for our military community and is one of our ways of saying thank you and how can we help those who serve us all so well.

A quick summary:

1. One Free First Class Package ($60 value) on MilitaryAvenue to advertise your own home for six months.
2. Active Duty Military Personnel and Families
3. Real Estate For Sale By Owner or House Rental category
4. Discount Code of “ActiveDuty”
5. Go to: Advertise with Us and start your ad today!byColonel KonTuesday, February 17, 2009Military Life:,,,

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