USAA supports Wounded Warriors

Last week when I interviewed Brian Neuman and Mike Kelly from USAA, I wanted to make the interview a series of blogs. Brian is a Wounded Warrior and I told some of his story in a previous blog. He recently became a USAA talent manager and assists other Wounded Warriors with their transition into the civilian work force at USAA. Today I will tell you more about this program since it provides a great opportunity for employment and shows what one corporation with military ties is doing to help those so deserving of our appreciation and support.

Brian maintains contact with injured troops returning to medical facilities in San Antonio and visits them at the hospital, brings them to the USAA facility there and provides information on what to expect in the civilian corporate world. He also sits on the Transition Assistance Program employer panel to provide his experiences and an employer view to the transitioning troops. He assists with resumes as well for those participating in the program.

The CEO of USAA, Maj General (retired) Joe Robles, has asked, How can we hire more wounded warriors? With emphasis from the top the program has taken off and Brian is point of contact for information so please send him an email at Brian.Neuman@usaa.com if you have questions or know someone who is interested in working for USAA.

Not all jobs are in San Antonio but a large percentage have been so far and that provides access to the superior rehabilitation facilities nearby and the ergonomics team at USAA headquarters provides work place support too! The program includes pairing with a "Battle Buddy" to assist in the transition, reserved parking for Purple Heart honorees (over 14,000 employee parking lot), New Employee Orientation program and of course a military friendly work place!

What a great way to support our injured heroes during tough economic times! Thank you USAA! Don't forget that there are ways for you to assist as well! You can donate your time or funds to the following non profit organizations: Operation Comfort, Operation Homefront and of course the Wounded Warrior Project.

If you know of other support groups or corporations that are aiding warriors please provide their information so others can see them too!


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