Don’t watch your words, use them wisely!

We came back from a great vacation. Our bags were overstuffed, our ‘fun limit’ was about maxed out. Our spirits were high but the line to customs was ahead. It is interesting how emotions can take roller coaster rides in break neck speed.
Rifling through my bags to find passport and declaration paper I approached the customs officer waiting at the desk. His first words were, “Welcome Home!”
Wide eyed I looked at him and said a heart felt thank you! He meant it. I meant it.
Then, after seeing my Military ID, he thanked me for my service! “I’m the spouse.” I said. He said he recognized that and said spouses deserved thanks too.
A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.
How rich, how rewarding.
This should be easy to pass on to others. Greetings, words of cheer, affirmations are spiritual gifts!
Raise some spirits today. Respond with encouragement to an email. Say thank you and mean it to the mailman. Ask your child’s teacher, bus driver or friend how their day has been going – and be receptive to them, they are probably tired.byDeborahon
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