Is it April yet?

Is it April yet? *Hubby* will be home for good in April. He told me the guys he is with are all getting antsy. They are a little bit "short" with each other, patience is way down and they aren't exactly "being all they can be". I think they are ready to get home too!

As for me I am READY! He's been a little short with me too on our nightly web-cam calls. Not in a mean way, just in a 'bleh... this web cam is getting old & I'd much rather kiss your face goodnight then stare towards the computer at you' kind-of-way. I'm with him on that. We chat every night from about 10pm my time till 11pm and there is just so much you can talk about over the course of an hour, seven days a week. Especially as winter winds down and a case of the blahs has settled in to our neck of the woods. (Don't take that the wrong way! I *LOVE* the fact that he and I can chat over IM every night. I know so many service members that don't have this luxury. I don't take it for granted, but we have been doing it for quite some time now...)

So let the countdown begin. Our FRG sent out an email with his homecoming date and even a time - 1:00pm, baby! I put it in INK on the calendar (kind of dangerous I know but I'm ready to live on the edge). I think the boys and I will make a paper-chain to hang in the kitchen. We will fight these winter doldrums and think of the CELEBRATION that is going to occur. YIPEE!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Let the count down begin!

  2. Aww I ask myself the same question: Is it JULY yet??!

    it'll be here soooo soon. When did he leave?

  3. Hubby started training in March '08. (He is National Guard ... so training was at Ft Campbell and then Ft McCoy.) I can't imagine wives & families going through 15-month deployments. 12 to 13 months is PLENTY long for me! :)

  4. YAYYY! Hang on, your almost there! Mine will be home in July! I can't wait! We do the nightly web cam thing, too! Thank goodness for it!


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