Mrs Obama’s Visit to Fort Bragg

I realize I’m preaching to the choir on this one … but I was reading an article this morning about Michelle Obamas visit to Fort Bragg and it struck a chord with me.

“I encourage everyone out there, within the sound of my voice, to reach out on your own — through schools, PTA, Little Leagues, churches, workplaces — and find out if there’s a soldier or a soldier’s family right there in the community who needs a little extra support,” Mrs. Obama said in her speech. “They’re there. Something as simple as offering help with car pool duty can make the world of difference to a parent who’s trying to hold the family together during a very stressful time.”

Isn’t this so true? Hubby is in the Army National Guard and when he gets home in April he will back in his “civvies” except for the monthly drill-weekends and periodic week- or two- long trainings. I don’t have the benefits of a military installation around me; my Family Readiness Group gets together once a month but they are a four hour drive away (one way!); the community-supporters of my husband’s unit are in the Dayton area (again, 4-hours away) and sometimes being this far north of them I feel quite forgotten.

But what I DO have is abundant!
I have neighbors. Moms who watch my boys periodically for no reason; just to make sure I get some “me time”. Dads who have kept my driveway “snow-blown” all winter. Friends who take the time to call to make sure everything is ok over here.

I have friends from church. We get together once a week to study God’s word, yet, they are my touch of reality. One gal understands the ‘single-mom’ thing and is SO welcoming of my boys when we show up each Wednesday night. She helps them with jackets; she makes popcorn just for them and just smiles when I ask a ‘stupid’ question… like “should I bring food next week for the group?”

I have family. This is a big one. I grew up an Air-Force Brat. I know what it means to not have family in the area. My own family lives over four hours from me. (Although four hours would be a short drive considering how far we grew up from my parents’ families.) My family lives in the same area and I am the one that isn’t at the table when the rest of the family gathers for an impromptu dinner at Mom & Dads. It hurts. BUT I do have the in-laws; whom I get a long with quite well! My mother-in-law watches the boys when I need a break. My father-in-law comes on a moment’s notice and fixes the furnace when it dies on a Sunday morning. My sisters-in-law are a hoot and make me laugh when we chat!

So, back to Mrs. Obama’s stop at Fort Bragg. I realize I have it good, not great, but good. Is there someone around you that is struggling? I haven’t had any ‘organizations’ per-say come to my aid like Mrs. Obama talks about. But we can’t rely on organizations… we have to rely on *people*. Maybe you could be the person a fellow-military spouse needs!

– Leanne from

PS Here is the AP article that caught my attention:

And here is more about her visit to Ft Bragg if you are interested:, March 13, 2009Military Life:,,

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