Older and Wiser … well at least Older

35 years ago today I entered the world. I made a “Husband & Wife” a “Mom & Dad”. The Lieutenant and Mrs lived on the edge of Death Valley aka Indian Springs Auxiliary Field… now referred to as Creech AFB. As I understand it (since I hardly remember) it was quite the drive but I was born at Nellis AFB, just outside of Las Vegas, the closest hospital. 35 years later, many many moves and two special-deliveries of my own I can sit here amazed at where my life has taken me. So with a little reflection and without further adieu…

35 ‘Deep Thoughts’ to celebrate my 35 years

  1. Get out of the House. Go Sledding, Pick flowers, Go Swimming, Rake Leaves. No matter the season, fresh air is good for the soul.
  2. If you are sick, drink till your pee is clear (Thanks, Mom!)
  3. Plant a Garden.
  4. Hug your kids every day.
  5. Call your Mom, she misses you.
  6. Read a book to your young ones everyday.
  7. Take the time to soak in the sun. It feels good to relax.
  8. Make new friends: join a moms-group, a church bible-study, play in an adult-league sports team.
  9. Keep the old friends: send emails, letters, postcards, pick up the phone, interact on sites like Facebook, myspace.
  10. Take time to enjoy dessert! (I’m all about the ice-cream)
  11. Take a walk with your Dad. He’ll love the company.
  12. Don’t forget your Grandparents’ birthdays. Send them a card, write them a note, pick up the phone.
  13. Be someone special in a child’s life … beyond your own children if you have them. Nieces, Nephews, Neighbors, Younger Cousins.
  14. Kiss your husband (or wife) every-day (although kind of hard if he is deployed…) And I don’t mean just a little peck.
  15. Make it to church every Sunday. It will set the mood for the rest of your week.
  16. Be courteous to the check-out gal or guy.
  17. Go for a bike ride! Enjoy the wind in your hair.
  18. Have a spot to hang up your children’s art-work. Mine happens to be in the laundry room / mud room. I love standing in there doing laundry and looking at their art throughout the years.
  19. Be Adventurous. Jump off a cliff, roll in the sand, hike a trail.
  20. Listen to upbeat music if you are feeling down. It can turn your mood around.
  21. Frame old pictures. Pictures from your grandparents’ wedding, your parents’ wedding, your wedding. Soak in the generations and think about where you have come from.
  22. Take pictures! Send them to those you love, especially if they live far away and don’t get to see you (or your kids) every day.
  23. Let your spouse know you appreciate him. Tell him why you value him! (And don’t add a “but”)
  24. Attend a marriage-conference. Even the best of marriages can benefit from a Weekend to Remember.
  25. Get a little sassy, even on the web-cam for deployed hubby.
  26. Grow flowers. Plant bulbs in the Fall, cut them in the Spring. Bring the signs of Spring indoors in a vase.
  27. Plan a date with your husband. My favorite “date-time” with Hubby is lunch-time. The boys are at school and the price of a meal ‘out’ is much cheaper.
  28. Find something to do in the evening that is relaxing! A glass of wine, a jog, sitting on a porch swing sipping lemonade.
  29. Don’t dwell on the guilt.
  30. Ignore the gossip; and if you can’t… don’t add to it.
  31. Don’t give in to preconceived notions. (Example, in-laws can have a ‘negative’ connotation… but mine are anything but negative.)
  32. Think about your future. Take a class at a community college if you aren’t sure where to go with it. Talk to an ‘education counselor’ if your base has an Education-Center. Even though I have a college-degree I still contemplate getting a new / different degree or study a new subject.
  33. Hold your head up and smile at strangers.
  34. Before you act, think: “Will I regret this in the morning?”
  35. Find the positives in where you are. Physically, Mentally. Don’t dwell on the negative it won’t do you much good.

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