Open For Questions

I got this email and thought I would share it with all of our readers. It is an interesting way to get your concerns out there to the White House.

Open For Questions is an opportunity to open up the White House to all Americans. Submit your own question about the economy, health care, education, veterans and other subjects that are important to you. Sign in to vote on questions and suggest your own, or read some of the questions already submitted.

“The White House is open for questions.We invite you to participate in our community-moderated online town hall. Submit your own question about the economy and vote on submissions from others. We also encourage you to include a link to a video of yourself asking your question (ideally 30 seconds or less), but text submissions are all you need. Come back on Thursday to watch the President answer some of the most popular submissions live at UPDATE: The online town hall will be at 11:30 AM Eastern, the voting will close at 9:30 AM.”

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