Pride in that Military ID

We just returned from a great vacation with many warm waters to swim in and sunsets to enjoy. It also included zip lining in a rain forest which was a great time(and kept us young thinking). But one simple event during our return travels made me feel great!

As we entered the security line at a US airport I pulled out my military ID to prove that my name and picture matched the ticket for the friendly TSA agent at the beginning of a long line. Instead of a rudimentary proceed wave of the hand, I received a “Thank you for your Service”! I felt great to be recognized by a busy hassled person. I realized that we can all make a difference each and every day on how we treat and respond to others! She was busy; did not need to say anything, but took the time to recognize that I had served this great country too!

Do you use your military ID card?
I tend to use it when asked for ID instead of my driver’s license due to habit. I have had a few folks look at it and say, “Do you have a driver’s license”? Depending on the time, event and how the question is asked I sometimes take the time to explain how I earned this ID and why it is a more reliable form of ID than a drivers license. Most respond well and understand after my quick explanation why I use it.

PS: We went through a lot of security screenings and since it included overseas travel we had our passports for much of the travel. I must say that I found the TSA personnel in the US to be professional and expeditious during this part of the travel. Also, they were more thorough which made me more comfortable. No one likes this process but at least we are safer because of it.byColonel KonThursday, March 19, 2009Military Life:,

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