Set the world into a calidiscope of color: One lesson at a time.

Ricki taught me about quilting. She opened a world to me of cutting, pasting, pinning, precision, and above all patience. I saw folded pieces of cloth translate into fat quarters.
Ricki taught me to distinguish the value of colors.
I valued friendship. I valued time well spent. I valued money.
I had no idea what she was talking about in the value of colors.
I know that chocolates come in light, dark and milk: each type with an appreciation of it’s own.
I know
that colors have values too.
And I know that they are just as intoxicating as a great piece of chocolate!

Before I started a quilting class, the fabric store I visited was for a high school home ec. class. Now, all of the local quilt shops greet me by name when I walk in the door. They privately call Ricki their patron saint in these hard times.
The values of fabrics? For all non-quilters: light, medium and dark. Fabrics with prints, large and not too small; fabrics with lines, plaids and angles all are sorted into one of the three categories.
Are you looking for a new skill? Looking for an outlet where you can see your personality spill out into tangible talent? Oh yes, this is quilting. Gives true meaning to a warm fuzzy: try a flannel quilt.
If the Civil War was fought involving the economic balance of cotton’s worth. I understand. Keep the cottons coming. Pure, crisp – or soft, floral or plaid, one yard at at time I collect and envision in my next quilt. One on is on the wall pieced and ready for the machine. One is folded and ready for binding and one is waiting to be started.
Get ready, get set and sew. But first get a good instructor to lead the way for you into a truly enjoyable hobby.

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