Spring Has Sprung

My Crocuses are in bloom.

My Tulips are peaking out of the ground.

My Daffodils are waking up from a long winter's nap.

The Hyacinth is getting ready to let out a giant stretch and a yawn of color.

I love this weather! I have trimmed (aka whacked down) butter-fly bushes. I have cut dead flowers & branches off of last years plants. I have pulled plants I just don't want anymore.

I have thought through what flowers I want to plant this year. I started seeds inside. Life is a ray of sunshine right now!

Last year it snowed in April. I hate to be the pessimist. But if I see another snow-flake I may cry.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Aww! What beautiful flowers! I found ya on twitter and followed to your blog! I will stop by more often! (Hope I don't see any more snow flakes, either!) Did I read that your hubby is also currently deployed, too? Today is a bad day for me. Mine was home for R & R and left this morning.

  2. We just spent the evening planning our vegetable garden and what seeds/plants to purchase and then designed a layout. What fun to plan spring events after a long winter! Great blog! Thanks.

  3. So pretty. THe bulbs aren't yet up in our neck of the woods..but I saw a little bit of green and the birds are returning. There is hope!


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