Spring has more promise than a PCS move has boxes!


New beginnings.
New promises of hope.
New joys to be seen every morning.

We just returned from a fabulous vacation. Fabulous is putting it lightly. It was an escape from the winter’s cloudy skies, dirty snow and icy roads. We chose to escape as far as we could manage – just north of the equator: meaning the Caribbean. Ahhhhhhhhhh doesn’t that even sound good.

We were pampered to put it mildly. I was Madame for 10 days. I had coffee and croissants brought to the room each morning. ‘Wake up’ called just prior to sunrise so that we could go to the veranda, sit in luxurious bathrobes, feel the sea breeze and realize this trip which we had dreamed about for years on end was the here and now. Could life get any better?


We got the phone call. Our granddaughter arrived. Mom and Esther were doing well. Dad was exhausted and ecstatic.

I just read in Proverbs that children’s children are the crown of the aged. Well… not thrilled about being the ‘aged’, however I so understand this! My grandsons and now Esther are a crown. I love to wear the existence of them… let everyone know they are MINE. Their worth is like gold and jewels – not easy to come by – but wow, others will take notice to how I beam in their presence. They are right there, up on my head and in my thoughts.

So, now there is another promise of joy; another acknowledgement of hope and a precious beginning. I think Spring has become my favorite season! My mind just runs as if being released, to all the events I will be doing. When I stack up the ideas, along with memories and toss on that pile dreams, I see the fun that I am going to have. That stack of ideas piles high – I need a semi to haul it in. This reminds me of the moving van pulling up to the front of a new house. Spring definitely has more promise than a PCS move has boxes!byDeborahonThursday, March 19, 2009Military Life:,

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