Veteran Education and Your “Education Bank Account”

Did you know you started your “Education Bank Account” when you finished Basic Training? A veteran receives a minimum of two hours of college Phys Ed credit for just completing basic! Nice!

I just met with Dr Merodie Hancock, the Vice President/Executive Director of Central Michigan’s Off-Campus Programs who shared some great information about veteran education opportunities! Dr Hancock has extensive experience working with veterans and helping them pursue their educational goals. She commented that her classroom experience with veterans was exciting and that she found them to have numerous strengths including: diversity, a global view and being incredibly informed. That was the start of a great interview and I intend to write several blogs to provide more information about your education opportunities! What a great way to pursue goals and reach for those special opportunities using the GI Bill, tuition assistance or attending military education courses!

Dr Hancock took an hour of her busy day to talk about you–the veteran! I asked her what she would recommend to veterans and active duty personnel concerning their education and she said the key was getting started on a plan as early as possible. Visit the experts at the installation education center and open your “Education Bank Account” so you know what you have earned and where you need to invest. Don’t know where to start? Get those general education classes completed now!

Military members, families and veterans face challenges such as money, family time limitations, opstempo and I loved this one, “surround sound distractions”! We are so busy and an active duty family (or reserve or guard on orders) with deployments, face many challenges to continue an education. Separating veterans face many challenges too as they join the campus community. In fact, many schools have started combat to classroom type programs to assist you. But military friendly schools such as CMU want to make it easier for you. I will write some more about their programs in my next blogging opportunity!

PS: We do have an Education Center on! Please go there to learn more about your benefits and the means to develop your education account! You can also see CMU’s banner there and you should read about this great supporter of military education programs!byColonel KonWednesday, March 25, 2009Military Life:,,,

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