Veteran Education and Your “Education Bank Account” has Gained Interest

I am going to continue my blog series on your “Education Bank Account” and what great strides have been made to help you increase the balance of your account. One of the best parts of an education bank account is that you can make withdrawals for a new job or opportunity and when you check the balance it is still there! How fun is that? Besides the real money account at your bank grows faster when you do have an education account that is growing!

I would again like to thank Dr Hancock of Central Michigan University for sharing her time with me so I can write this series. She has been involved with military education in some manner during most of her career. Recently she has seen some great strides to make it easier for you to add interest and expand your education banking options! The military services, Congress, the VA, military friendly colleges and many others are making it much easier for you to get your groove on back in school!

We all like to see our time used wisely! All have had the frustration of seeing someone else waste it for us—whether in line at a store, waiting for a meeting to start or being behind someone going real slow in the fast (passing) lane of an interstate! We only have a limited time each day and in fact, for a lifetime and we want to do things of value! They can be recreational, work, caring for family, spiritual, or educational. Sometimes we can just “waste” time when we need to do that too! But it’s our choice! But we have some folks working for you to save you time; expand your experiences and opportunity!

The services’ education chiefs have made some great strides according to Dr Hancock! She gets to meet and talk to them and thinks they are doing a great job while supporting you. Their efforts to improve the GI Bill have included improvements such a monthly living stipend, a more comprehensive coverage, encouragement for colleges to reduce tuition and transferability in some situations to family members! (I wish that I could have transferred some benefits while I was helping to pay for three kids in college at one point!) The new GI Bill also covers books and some other incidentals.

The colleges have also reached out to provide additional support to veterans including the previously mentioned tuition reduction for veterans. They have created responsive programs for you during deployments, TDY/TAD and other commitments. In response to your service in combat zones many have veteran transition programs and counseling assistance for dealing with the challenges you may face. Their classrooms now include in class sessions, online educational tools, entirely online classes and hybrids of them all! One of the best parts is that many colleges have reduced rates for tuition for veterans! For example, CMU offers about 40% off hourly rates for graduate level and 25% for undergraduate level! Wow!

My next blog in this series will include some recommendations on how to add to your education bank account, school selection and more reasons to fill that education account! We also have some great information in our Education Center on! Be sure to follow the center as the Military Education News is updated daily, there is an opportunity to ask questions and get Answers and direct links to all the Services’ Official Education Websites! A great spot to mark as a Favorite!byColonel KonFriday, March 27, 2009Military Life:,,,

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