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And now back to our regularly scheduled reading material…

Routine… it is what keeps me going. Two days a week my preschooler goes to child-care, two days a week he goes to preschool. Thursday is “our” day, we change sheets & do laundry and find some fun things to do in between. Sundays are church with a trip to the grocery store for the weeks groceries on the way home. Every night after dinner (always around the table) they straighten up the family room while I clean up the kitchen.

Boring Boring Boring… but the boys know what to expect. Less whining equals happier Momma 🙂 Happier Momma equals Happier Boys.
Saturdays are the most routine of all. I write a room on the calendar that needs to be cleaned. Then we all get-to-it. Just one room, not overwhelming – but what a difference. Sometimes it is bathrooms, last weekend was the family room. Today is going to be the general category “bedroom”. Boys will have to pick up their rooms and dust. (Even a three year older can handle a dust rag.) I will run the vacuum cleaner. Embarrassingly enough my room is the worst of the rooms so I will probably still be cleaning when they are done. But they don’t gripe (too much) because it’s routine. It’s what we do come Saturday.

Later this afternoon we have Swim Lessons at our YMCA (part of the Armed Services program). What used to be like pulling teeth is now something they look forward to. My three year old has been ‘practicing’ swimming on our family-room floor all week. Pillow = kick-board; blue rug = water. I love his imagination! We can’t wait till summer. Swim lessons have been a wonderful diversion for this deployment.

But in two weeks my routine is going to be THROWN up in the air and shot to pieces like little pieces of confetti… Why? Because Hubby is comin’ home! Oh yeah! And then after a couple weeks he’ll fall right into line 😉

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