Getting ready for May’s Newsletter: Military Appreciation

I would just like to say how much FUN I had last week getting the word out about Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Although no one did anything SPECIFICALLY for me (yes, Hubs did roll his eyes when I mentioned I think I deserved a back-rub 🙂 ) … I did get a lot out of it getting to talk with military spouses about it, especially on my new favorite social-network, Twitter.

This brings to mind that I am going to be working this week on putting together our monthly-newsletter. The Military-Family Newsletter will be published this Sunday and will focus on Military Appreciation. Have you signed up? (You could win an iPod!)

There were a lot of great blogs this past week about Military Appreciation. Here is a great replay by fellow military-wife blogger, Sara Horn, if you are looking for some additional reading:

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