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Welcome to the month of May! A month I can appreciate in so many ways; warmer weather, gardening, Mother’s day, the finishing up of the school year and Military Appreciation Month!

To all of our military-families I wish you a joy-filled Military Appreciation month. May 8th was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and yesterday, May 16th, was Armed Forces Day. We will observe Memorial Day on May 25th, a day of picnics, parades and most important, pauses to remember those who laid down their life for our freedoms as Americans.

So to all of our military-families I give a heart-felt THANK YOU! As an Army-spouse I can say “I get it!” But we all make our own sacrifices & fight our own struggles. I can walk beside you but no one can walk in your shoes, and I know you can appreciate that. Find someone today to wish a happy “Military Appreciation-Month”.

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– Leanne & the Team

Military Spouse Appreciation Day – A Tribute
We come in all…
SocietiesSome of us are Army-strong, others of us are in the Air Force-blue, there are a few proud Marines, a wealth of Navy and the ever-vigilant Coast Guard.We love our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties. Most of us don’t wear the uniform but all of us swoon (deeper than a civilian can understand) when we see the uniform.


What’s Hot on
Popular Articles during the last month

What are You doing Memorial Day weekend?
We recently celebrated Military Spouse Day and the whole month is military appreciation month and it appropriately ends with the Memorial Day weekend. We should be so thankful as a Nation for those who serve and protect and those who died doing so! I can not imagine the pain of families who have attended a memorial service burying a loved one killed defending them in a time of war or training for such a contingency.


Crooks & Henderson are coming to Fort Bliss, Texas! A wonderful evening of spouse pampering, tips for deployment, and a night out for well-deserved spouses of deployed-military members.

June 4th and 5th, 2009A Seminar For Military SpousesThemed Care Package IdeasDeployment Survival Tips & ResourcesNetworkingGiveawaysFabulous Gift BagsComplimentary Meal, Dessert, & More
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We have been a part of Army Wife Network’s Priceless Packages events at numerous installations and they are always wonderfully-supportive events.

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101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse

Appreciating our Military Spouses isn’t limited to one day of the year. We need to be mindful of their needs every day of the year. Here are 101 fairly simple ways to say “THANK YOU for your service as a military spouse”.

It is about Respect, Love, Admiration, Appreciation, and a simple Thank You.


  1. A simple “Thank You for Serving, too”
  3. Take the time to *listen* She may not have had an adult conversation for quite some time
  4. Don’t assume HE is not a military spouse. Thank the military-husbands too.
  5. Pick up something at the store that reminds you of her; a potted-plant, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, nail-polish & nail files, etc etc
  6. Give her a call! Say ‘Thank You’ and find out how her day is going.
  7. A day at the spa! (Thank you, @shelly_76)
  8. FREE child-care. Watch her children for her. Let her do something on her own.
  9. Invite her out for a local-sight-seeing tour. She might not know the area & enjoy learning.
  10. Equip her.
  11. Take a spouse out for coffee or tea.
  12. Pray for him. Pray for her.
  13. Make a fancy-drink. Pour two glasses. One for you, one for her. Make toasts and enjoy together.
  14. *Give* him a book from your book-shelf that you enjoyed.
  15. Offer to wash her car (Don’t forget to vacuum)
  16. Business-owners: Host a special event just for spouses, don’t do it for monetary gain.
  17. Do you garden? Bring her some of your produce; flowers, fruits, vegetables.
  18. Give her personal space to miss her loved one. Then open-up your arms to take her in.
  19. Gather your mutual-friends. Have a multi-family picnic.
  20. If she calls asking for something, a cup of milk, some eggs, potatoes etc etc Lend with a cheerful heart and don’t expect your ‘gift’ back!

(Continued)’s May 2009 Featured Reward

This Month’s Featured Military Reward is given to:

Cold Stone Creamery
Colorado Springs, CO

“Come see us for Military Mondays! Receive 15% off with your Military ID (Mondays Only)”


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