Morel Mushroom Mania

We are having the most beautiful spring season that I can remember! The front yard is painted with pastels and lavender. Red bud trees (which are covered in pink-purple... don't you think the powers that be would have picked a purple name?) are out in bloom. Daffodils are still up and tulips have spotted the our gardens with deep dark red. It is just gorgeous out there!

As we walked and took in the palate of colors and the scents of the blooms, we spotted in the grass a gazillion morels! Never before had we noticed them growing... or maybe this is the first time they appeared here.

We know folks who went hunting these beauties. They took long walks in the woods in search of this treasure. I wondered if it was like submarine race watching, or snipe hunting... a game that young couples played: but there they stood ready for us to gather.

So, I am searching the Internet for recipes. I found instructions to dry them for future meals. It is such fun to have something totally new presented to me.

We are working hard to put in the vegetable garden that will keep us busy throughout the summer. This surprise crop has be eager to keep picking fresh food. The quarter acre plot garden requires rototilling, fertilizing, and fence mending. The mushroom crop required a beautiful day, a walk and a bucket. I understand the hunt now. It is real! It is fun. I recommend getting out there in the woods with someone special. Might not be anything to pick, but it will be worth the time spent!


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