What are You doing Memorial Day weekend?

We just celebrated Military Spouse Day last week and the whole month is military appreciation month and it appropriately ends with the Memorial Day weekend. We should be so thankful as a Nation for those who serve and protect and those who died doing so! I can not imagine the pain of families who have attended a memorial service burying a loved one killed defending them in a time of war or training for such a contingency.

How do we recognize this sacrifice and support the survivors of those killed in action? I have some recommendations that may be simple but certainly send the signal that we care!

Fly the Flag

Attend a Memorial Day Parade and/or Service

Thank those you see in uniform

Do you know a family that lost someone? It will be a lonely, tough day for them–do something special for them but most importantly tell them thank you for the greatest sacrifice!

Tell a child about what Memorial Day means (we can only succeed by remembering our history)

Better; tell a classroom of children what Memorial Day means

Spend time with a child of a veteran and tell them what their mom and/or dad did/does was/is important

Insist that our churches and all worship locations mention this sacrifice during services that weekend

Have a great weekend of family fun in celebration of our Nation’s willingness to defend and protect those less fortunate than us

The MilitaryAvenue Team salutes all of you and hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend! If you have other ways to recognize Memorial Day and those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom please comment so we can add it to our list!
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