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Even though I love writing about recipes, sharing the aromas of herbs steaming through the air, desserts loaded with nuts, salads full of the crunch of crisp vegetables and topped with seeds. I don’t like sharing any goodies with the varmints outside.
We have bird feeders on two sides of the house, and suet cages hanging from tree limbs. Our birds are our entertainment. There must be a gazillion of them! OK, I exaggerate. But I don’t like varmints. Rodents are rodents are rodents… sorry squirrels, but I remember my biology class… and that is what you are. And then there are the deer – cute when they are in a Disney film… infuriating when they are chomping off my tulip tops and rose buds.
And to add insult to injury, the raccoons have been coming at night loving the food display hanging in the feeders. Our corgi thinks she has to protect us even hours after the varmints have left the scene. Her bark gas is phenomenal! Therefore, down came the feeders for the month of June. No more open cafe for the raccoons. Argh
So… with no seeds falling on the deck, no activity going on, the squirrels who are acrobatic robbers have been searching for niblets where they once were.
Just a few minutes ago, this crazy rodent decided to come begging. He/she climbed the glass door frame, sat on the top of the screen and had a stare down with me. Of course I was flashing my camera in his/her eyes, while our corgi sat at my feet thinking something was going on.
Sorry squirrel… with a gazillion trees all around this place is not your home!byDeborahonWednesday, June 24, 2009Military Life:,

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