Life in the country when the neighbor comes to visit

Here in country living, life comes and goes. It is a bit different than living on Base or on Post or any Military Installation. Economic times have hit our area hard – rather slammed it. Our neighbors are not coming, but they are going and leaving their life long project houses for others to come and build their own dreams.

Our driveway left under storm clouds too. Rain riveted canyons in our gravel entrance. Dale was continually digging, laying vented pipes, gathering rocks anything to divert the flow down hill. But, down it went, and off to never never land – or into the gardens not to return to where we purposed it to be.

Then we invited Robert over. He came in the biggest truck I have ever seen. We have had quite a few large trucks delivering mulch, but this monster roared up the road and parked itself anywhere it wanted to be parked!

Twelve yards of crushed concrete lay in front of the garage door and are spread out one hundred feet or so. Another truck will be on it’s way. Our drive will be restored. Now, I am waiting for our good neighbors to set up roots too. I am a people person. Not crazy about the chattering raccoons… not at all. I’m annoyed with the rose chomping deer… what is with that! But I love the country. I just miss my neighbors!byDeborahonWednesday, June 10, 2009Military Life:

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