Love and Marriage

I am 100% in love. Hubs and I aren’t your ‘perfect’ couple. I get frustrated with him when he leaves the Sunday paper strewn across the kitchen counter. He would really prefer I DIDN’T leave my shoes all over the house. I’m sure any psychologist could pick our relationship apart. We have squabbles. YET, We don’t kick. We don’t scream. We just get past it and work through it. We love each other 100%, unabashedly.

Our toughest ‘years’ of marriage were probably the first couple. We were in love but not quite synced. I did a lot more yelling and fussing then I needed to. He didn’t voice his opinions or his troubles and did a lot more stewing then he should have. We learned. We grew. We stayed in love.

We have gotten closer. I can honestly say I’m even more in love with him *today* then on our wedding day. (Something I probably thought was impossible as I walked down the aisle on my dad’s arm.) Children have come. A house bought. New mutual-friends made. Work has taken its share of our time. But we found a pace, side-by-side. A pace that we enjoyed.

Iraq came. He was gone for a YEAR. (More if you count the months of training before he left.) We talked as often as we could. We even got a little “frisky” via web-cams. We stayed in love despite thousands of miles and time zones between us.

Now he is home. We are trying to re-sync. It’s happening, slowly but most certainly. Through it all we are still very much in love!

So today as I was knee-deep buried in work. A deadline on my plate. Thoughts of everything that I can accomplish while my children are in child-care. He whispered in my ear, “Love, let’s go catch a baseball game.” 11:05am was the first-pitch. It was 10:00am. I hemmed and hawed. What is a girl to do?

Well this very happily-married couple spent the afternoon at the ballpark. A hot-dog and nachos for lunch. A Pepsi to quench our thirst. The sun in our face. A hand on my knee unless we were cheering & clapping for our favorite team (which we do a lot of!)

Yes, I am 100% in love and it grows every day. Keep your home-fire lit! Take time to ‘date your spouse’. You won’t regret it!

– Leanne from

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