Military Family Life Question of the week: What has your favorite assignment been and why?

We all have stories being military families… stories of places we LOVED living, stories of places we weren’t so fond of. Perhaps the dust-storms in Texas just aren’t your thing or perhaps you could have done without the humidity of South Carolina. Maybe you couldn’t get enough of the history of Charleston or the free museums and cherry-blossoms in DC.

This is the life of the military. It’s more than an adventure, it is life-changing! You get to see the sites, opportunities to do things you wouldn’t have had you stayed & lived in your hometown. You have expanded your world beyond borders.

My favorite place was Keflavik NAS, Iceland (closed just a few years ago). We were there from the very end of 1989 through mid 1992. I spent from the middle of my sophomore year in high school till graduation there. Why was it my favorite?

  • Model United Nations in den Hague
  • Basketball / Cheer-leading tournament in Bermuda
  • Family Vacation throughout Europe via train (Luxembourg was my favorite)
  • Youth Group trip to Ibiza, Spain
  • Drama trip to England
  • Class trip via bus throughout the country of Iceland
  • Prom at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • My parents trusting me enough with their van to load it up with teenagers and drive off-base (into a foreign country!) to see the sites. You had to be 17 to drive in Iceland AND have a driver’s license already from the States. Since I was one of a very few seniors with a driver’s license I was kind of big stuff 😉 ha ha ha.
  • The world’s best friends that I could laugh with, mope with, be myself with.

Although Iceland was cold! and dark! and wet! it was still something I would never want to take back. It took me two years to actually ‘fit in’ but by my senior year I was all smiles!

What has your favorite assignment been? Visit us on Facebook & let us know! (or leave it as a comment here). When we are missing our family, wanting a taste of home, wondering what we got our heads into we have to remember the joys of the military-family lifestyle! How many people get to see what we see?!

Military Family Life Question of the week: What has your favorite assignment been and why?

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