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What a great week it has been! Have I ever mentioned what a great company I work for? I don’t want to make that statement lightly but MilitaryAvenue is TRULY my passion. I have a few passions in life … my husband, my children, my God, my extended-family, my friends and MilitaryAvenue falls right in rank.

What a privilege to work for the military-families each and every day, knowing what they go through, because I’ve been there… done that. (Although, I do believe strongly that we EACH have our own struggles and no one can truly say “I understand” but we should all at least say “I’ll be there for you”. . . but that is a completely different tangent.)

Today I want to tip my hat off (once again) to our military families. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

A few weeks ago Shannon from F.R.A.Z.L.E.D. MWCN contacted me and wanted to know if I would like to talk about MilitaryAvenue on her radio station. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. That interview was on Tuesday (June 9) and Shannon was one of the easiest people I have ever had the opportunity to talk to. Shannon, Thank you! She is another ‘been there, done that’ Army Wife that is taking the time to serve her community with her gifts.

Check out her show if you need to feel a bit uplifted. We talked about more than *just* MilitaryAvenue. We talked about the importance of being connected. The importance of being informed. The importance of having friends. I’d highly recommend carving out 45 minutes to an hour to listen.

(If the player isn’t working try this link: Have a great weekend!

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