A Crop of Broccoli Crowns

Fourteen pounds of broccoli are in the freezer. Wow. I went outside to pick a few heads for dinner, and some to take along to a family reunion. The crop was waiting for me! I suppose I should not have been so surprised… I planted them all the same day, but I thought they would have the good sense to come in independently… whoops.

Last year we had the good sense to buy a small chest freezer, just in case we might have a few extra items to store for later. Yep, we have it filling now.

But before I froze them, I peeled off most of the skin on the stalks, let them have a boiling bath for 2 minutes and then a dip in ice cold water. It was amazing how fast those cubes melted. Freezer bags are my preferred holding tank for a cool autumn or winter night.

Side shoots are coming out of the topped plants, so within a few days I will have another picking ready for me. We love to munch on this crop fresh dipped in ranch dressing, or chopped in broccoli salad. Slice it up and serve it with pasta. Broccoli is a favorite. If you did not plant some this year, make a note to have this in a sunny spot next year. You will be richly rewarded.

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