Mid Morning Healthy Fruit Snack

It is funny how I regard time. It is in sections. Sections of a lifetime: childhood, teenager, college student, newly wed, etc. Then there is the where we lived time: first year of marriage (3 installations), then Nevada (ISAFAF), Panama (Howard AFB) and so on. Smaller segments and daily time measurements can revolve around something good to eat! I do love a good snack. And since loosing a lot of weight, I recognize the importance of eating less... but more often. So, for Dale and I, the 10:00 snack and the 2:00 snack are gems of the day!

We love fruit! It is the season for fresh items. Today we are having melon and berries. Our woods are full of wild black raspberries - sweet, nutty flavored and healthy! Hooray for shipments of cantaloupe. A bit of yogurt on top would make it a great dessert. But for now, we just need a bit of a lift. Have fun with colors: strawberries, watermelon and soon fresh black berries. It's time to be an artist and paint a palate of colors right from your kitchen counter! Have fun and enjoy the tastes of summer.

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  1. Very nice! Hubs & I had a conversation on one of those long-road trips that are becoming so prevelant in our life about how dieting NEVER works. It's not supposed to be about dieting, it is supposed to be a life change. Eat healthy. Exercise. Don't diet, that sounds so temporary. Make a lifestyle change to take the weight off! You two have made such a consious effort to do that and it shows in so many ways!


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