Military Family Life Question of the week: What is your favorite family-vacation memory?

As a child most of our longer-vacations as a military-family focused on visiting family across the country. Three kids, in the back of Mom & Dad's Chevy looking forward to getting to our final destination.

My parents did all they can to keep the whole family comfortable in our journey across the country. Mom had special presents for each of us as we crossed another state line. Trips always started off with a new stuffed animal and then along the way we got coloring books, hot wheels, or other small tokens that could be found at the Dollar Store. Nothing too noisy to distract the driver but still fun things to keep us excited. Of course we got a lot more gifts traveling through New England than in the Southwest. Amazing that it takes HOURS to get through Texas but only minutes to cross the tip of Delaware or Rhode Island. The Car-Gifts gave us something to look forward and made the whole trip a little bit more 'sane'.

During the course of our trips we sang a lot of songs. Maybe this is the reason I break into song immediately getting into a car, much to my own children's chagrin. We played silly games like the alphabet game A LOT, taking turns with a letter and trying to find something out the window that started with your given letter. No one wanted to land Q! Anything to keep our minds occupied... because idle minds equals quibbles amongst siblings, not fun stuff in a tiny little car.

But we were in it together! Whether driving from Texas to New York or Florida to Indiana it wasn't ALL smiles but they were great memories! We would crawl out of the car, legs cramped, bodies disjointed, a tad tired of each other. But waiting for us with arms wide open were aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. It's the KISSINGERS! More memories were about to begin! All well worth the trip.

I hope you have the opportunity to make memories this summer! What is your favorite summer vacation memory, as a child or as an adult? Leave a comment here, drop us a line on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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