Road Trip Recommendation & Our July iPod Winners!

There was much to celebrate this past weekend; 4th of July, Family, Freedom, Faith, FIREWORKS, Friends, and Fun!

Our weekend also involved the inevitable Road Trip. After a wonderful week of ‘Camp Grandpa‘ Hubs and I and our teenager drove out to pick up the younger two boys. Over the course of the weekend we enjoyed a birthday party for my nephews, fireworks with extended-family and then headed home yesterday to enjoy our Sunday evening at home.

I have another great first-hand Road Trip Recommendation: Music Players. All of my boys own music players. The teenager’s is quite a bit more high-tech (the iPod variety) but for past birthdays both of the younger boys (age 4 and 6) got music players. I bought them headphones (as opposed to ear-buds) which actually cost more than the music player! I love technology and the fact that what used to cost hundreds of dollars can now be found for $20.

I put lots of kid friendly music on each player (both of theirs look a bit like a thumb-drive) and they can skip to a song they want to listen to and then listen to it as many times as they want. (Usually a good song warrants listening to at least three or four times.) It gives them at least an hours-worth of entertainment! (And the longer the trip the more times it is used) Oh beautiful silence (except for the occasional solo-singing for all of us to enjoy).

Speaking of music. USAA & MilitaryAvenue presented iPods to our latest winners!

Congratulations to our most recent MilitaryAvenue ‘Rockin’ the Avenue’ and ‘Give A Little’ sweepstakes winners!
Shannon an Army Wife at Fort Campbell

Carrie an Army Wife at Fort Bragg

and Sallie an Air Force Veteran

Sign-up today & you will be eligible for the drawing again in early-August!

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