Road Trip Tunes – Military Family Life Question of the Week

There is something about a road trip and the music you listen to while driving across country. For me, it started as making mix-cassette tapes, moved onto making mix-cds over the years & now am making music-lists for my mp3 player specific to the trip we are taking. Music keeps you awake, keeps your mind moving, sets your heart & body on fire and your feet tapping.

Years ago my family PCSed from northern-Virginia to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. I was in college in Pennsylvania so they “swung by” to give kisses and hugs before making the long journey. I made them one of my favorite mix-tapes ever as a parting ‘gift’ and something I knew they would enjoy while they tooled down the road to their next Air Force adventure. Great road trip songs are easy to sing to, have a little pep but not so loud that you will get a headache. Either the song is a reminder of good times in the past or you are about to make new-memories to the tune of that song!

Do you have a favorite song perfect for the road ahead? I have a couple must-adds… Amy Grant’s “Oh How the Years go by” is kind of slow, but not like a ballad, very easy to sing, and a great reminder of where life has taken us. (My dad and I actually danced to this song at my wedding, great memory song.) I also can’t help but like “Life is a Highway“. My youngest hears it and says “It is the song from Cars!” I know it is much older than that but love that he likes it too. (After all, mix-music has to please the driver as well as the passengers.)

Let us know what your favorite road trip songs are! Let us make a great list for the summer-driving season.

BTW: Do you have a music buff, ages 13-21 in your house? USAA is looking for The Next Great American Road Song. Deadline is coming up fast! JULY 31, 2009.

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