Honoring our Flag

I am so proud to be connected in so many ways to the military. I am the spouse of an airman. He taught me so much that he learned through drill, leadership and hands on knowledge. Dale lives the life of integrity. This attribute is in the forefront of all he does, says and thinks. His military friends exude the same quality. And oh, it is a quality that is revered.

The idea of country before self has been instilled in our family, in our friends, in our service to country. Visible service before self is displayed in the honoring of the flag. Many flags fly at ceremonies, but only one brings everyone to their feet, one flag calls the room to quiet, one flag is carried in with respect, authority and pride of our history.

Next time you have the opportunity to attend a ceremony with an honor guard. See the pride that they carry. Notice the time and effort that has been taken to bring the attention to detail into perfection for you viewing. Honor guards are like fireworks as the dazzle with precision.

I can’t help but whisper WOW each time I see an honor guard in action, yet their attention is the our flag, not to self. Thank you all.byDeborahonSaturday, September 12, 2009Military Life:,

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