A New School Year

It took some time but all of the Kocsis kids are officially back to school. Our 6 year old started August 24th, 15 year older, September 1st and my 4 year-older’s first day of preschool was today.

Ah … my baby is in his final year of preschool. Funny the different milestones we create. As a mom I’m a bit somber over the fact that this will be my last year trekking up to the preschool, giving preschool good-bye kisses and then counting the minutes (and oh how they fly!) till I get to hear how his day was, all 2 1/2 hours of it!

Yet, I am so glad to watch his wings sprout. *C* looked so forward to school starting and getting to see his teacher again. (He has the same teacher he had last year, major bonus!) Each day we mentioned school starting again he would look at me with his big brown eyes and say “Mom, are you going to take my picture?” He knew I took first day of pictures for his older two brothers and didn’t want to be left out. He couldn’t wait to play in the ‘play-room’ and be line-leader again. Snacks and drinks were a top-priority. He loved knowing what was coming; what he had to be excited about.

I hope you are still finding excitement in the adventure! My 10th grader was hardly all smiles his first day of school. He is at the point where he kind of loathes going. He is a star student, a wonderful soccer player and has lots of friends but his enthusiasm has waned over the years. Where are you in the journey of life? Excited for what is to come, apprehensive about what you don’t know or just a bit complacent.

I would encourage you to find the enthusiasm of a four-year older! We all need to be child-like once in awhile. Sometimes just being around him makes me as giddy as a girl, and I need that!

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